About me

Hi, my name is Marcelo Rochá and I’m a professional Oil Painter.

After 20 years working with information technology, MBA in IT Strategic Management, I left the role of technology executive to devote to my passion that is fine art, specifically oil painting. I studied for two years at Pleinair Studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil where I was born, then I moved to New York City to continue studying oil painting at The Art Students League of New York under a four-years Certificate Program, perhaps the most traditional Painting Schools in the United States. Names like Norman Rockwell, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, among others, studied or taught at The Art Students League of New York.

I have been working with pet portraits in oil painting for over 10 years. I have painted over 200 commissions which are mainly in the US, UK, Australia and Canada but also in Japan, Switzerland, Brazil, Hong Kong, Mexico, Monaco, Spain, Iceland, Poland and Netherlands. My work is realistic but with an impressionistic touch as I like very expressive brushstrokes. The comments I get the most is that I manage to capture their personality in my paintings.

In 2022 I became a member of the Portrait Society of America.

I am a DOMESTIKA Oil Painter Instructor with more than 1000 students. Link to my course.


https://issuu.com/chelseamagazines/docs/aaijan0124ill  (Pag 17, 18, 19 and 20)
https://trendyartideas.com/marcelo-rocha-painter-pet-portrait-oil-paintings/ https://www.outdoorpainter.com/blending-plein-air-paintings-real-life/ https://awesomebyte.com/marcelo-rocha-artist
365 Art + Japanese Magazine Case 43 CATS

Email: hello@marcelorocha.art

Instagram: @artrocha

Youtube: www.youtube.com/marceloalerocha